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  So what IS personality? Personality could be defined as being the sum of all that you ARE - physically, intellectually, even morally - and this includes things like your memories, your general attitude to life and your attitude to the future.  Many things affect personality - your genetics are one, the aspects of your personality and the ways of thinking that you inherit from your parents...

  Besides inheriting traits from our parents we also mimic traits that they have as we are growing up.  This is one of the reasons that the teenage years are so troublesome...  During the teenage years, a teenager is trying to break through from mimicking the habits of others to developing and defining himself or herself, and his or her own personal goals or aspirations.  And during a child's teenage years, parents find it difficult to adapt from the compliance of their child as it's growing up to the sudden and sometimes rather abrupt independence of a young adult.


  Other aspects that affect our personality when we are young are our general environment - for example if our teachers or peers are supportive and have a positive attitude towards us, we will grow in optimism and confidence, and we might find that we will maintain that positive attitude all our lives.  On the other hand if we were 'put down' in school, for example, by our teachers or peers, we might retain that negativism throughout our lives.

  This gives you a small glimpse into some of the factors that affect how our personality ultimately develops, and the kind of person we become.


  Now, I think it's time we went to the HEART of the matter - How do you optimize your personality as it is right now? How do you develop the positive, outgoing, EFFECTIVE personality that helps you ACHIEVE your goals, get results, and perhaps most important of all, be the kind of person you can look at in a mirror and RESPECT?.

  Developing your personality and making it more effective can be as simple as following the simple rules in the next article in this section..


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