Simple Rules to develop a Powerful and Effective Personality

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Developing your personality and making it more effective can be as simple as following these simple rules...

  • Examine your aims in life..
  • Grow Intellectually..
  • Develop the ability to speak on a variety of topics..
  • Keep fit..
  • Dress well and neatly..
  • Develop a genuine consideration and regard for those around you..



  Forget about the expectations of others for a while, and start thinking about what YOU want from life. This may seem selfish, but actually it's not.  You see, you only live once, and you have to get it right the first time round - there ARE no second chances.  So, while you do consider others, take a moment to take a step back and examine your own desires and aspirations..

  Is there something you always wanted to be, something you've always wanted to do, some skill you've always wanted to develop?  Once you've defined your desires, start thinking of practical ways to bring them to life - you don't have to do anything radical, you don't have to give up your job or abandon your family, but you CAN preserve SOME time everyday, or even every week to pursuing you OWN goals.

  And you just might find that pursuing your own goals for change helps you grow far more than you thought you could, into a kind of person that you perhaps never imagined you could be.


  Now this might seem very obvious advice, but intellectual growth is essential to the development of a dynamic personality.  The mind has to be exercised if it is to be capable and healthy, just as you might exercise your body.

  Develop your intellect and you will improve your poise, character, your charisma, your ability to act and react as situations demand it, and you will gain the ability to focus your thoughts and speak effectively on a wide range of topics.

  There are several ways of developing your intellect but by far the BEST is simply.. reading.  Read good books - good books expand your horizons, bring you in touch with the minds of the authors who wrote them, and are the best way of improving your intellect ever devised.  If you can't read books, read newspapers, or watch informative programs on television, but I recommend books.  Books open entire new worlds to you, and in exploring those worlds you grow beyond yourself


  This could be considered an addition to the previous point on intellectual development.  It is essential to be able to speak easily and fluently on a variety of topics.  There is nothing so dynamic and charismatic as a man or woman who can 'hold the floor', who can, when called upon to do so, speak confidently and fluently on whatever topic is under discussion, and with a good grasp of the subject.

  There is a simple exercise that you can use to improve your ability to speak well and fluently on any subject.  Write out various topics on little slips of paper - there should be around fifty of these slips, each with a different topic on it.  Put these slips into a box and everyday, for say fifteen minutes a day, lock yourself in an empty room, put your hand into the box, draw a slip at random, read the topic on it, and then speak on that topic for around five minutes or so.  Speak to the empty room - that way there is no pressure on you, and you can relax, marshal your thoughts and speak out on the subject you have chosen.  Do this exercise everyday for a month or two and you will find you will dynamically improve your ability to marshal your thoughts, focus them on any topic and then speak confidently, fluently and assertively on that topic.

  This may seem a fairly simple exercise yet it's importance is not to be under-estimated.

The ability to 'hold an audience' is an essential part of a dynamic and outgoing personality.


  It's an old adage but true - a healthy body is necessary if you are to have a healthy mind.  The body affects the mind - perhaps far more than you think.  A healthy body also lends a sparkle to the eye, a spring to the step and a cheerfulness to the smile - all of which give a very attractive and charismatic look to your overall personality.

  So keep fit, exercise to be healthy, and you'll find that not only does your overall personality improve but your whole outlook on life changes as well.  You'll find yourself growing more optimistic and confident, interacting better with those around you, becoming more assertive, but best and most important of all..  you'll find yourself able to smile easily in the face of both fortune and misfortune, to deal more easily with the ups and downs of life...

  Go on to the next article in this section to learn some more important ways to develop a powerful, effective and assertive personality..


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